"Mistake" Keychain


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We ordered what we thought was gonna be a really cool item for you, but a factory error landed us with these ridiculous aquatic creature keychains instead. Now we're stuck with them! What?!

It's said that dolphins are prone to take over Earth because they're highly intelligent, but I doubt it, this entire situation is dumb as hell.

This keychain features light & sound... sort of. Is it a dolphin call? A scream into the abyss? A weird quiet fart? The sound of our rent money being flushed?

Please take pity on us and adopt one of these dolphins today!

2.5" x 1.5" x 1.5". Dolphin keychain with flashlight and sound effect. When top fin is pressed, light turns on and dolphin sounds off. Black oval logo silkscreened on left side of keychain. 1" chain with clip. Custom designed in Toronto.

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